Today you are surrounded by thousands of mobile devices. This is a great new opportunity. Chorus connects retailers & local businesses to nearby devices, acting as their digital shop front.

Do you run a ...

Salon/Nail Bar
Interior Design/Fashion Boutique
…or any other local businesses

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Chorus Business Profiles allow local businesses to get the exposure and control that is expected in the digital age. Try it out for free.
Find customers & keep them informed.
Do you have a promotion or an offer? These will be given priority and users in your vicinity will receive notifications about them.
Take charge of your booking and own your customer list.
Create a profile page and add your social media & web links. These will be available with your posts so your customers will be able to buy or book directly from your site.
See up-to-date data on how local people are interacting with your posts.
See how many unique views your post has had, and how many times it has been opened per day. This gives you the necessary information to change your message on the fly to improve its interaction with your customers.
Sharing your Business Profile with your colleagues so they can also post from it.

Setting up your Business Profile is easy. You can do it straight from your iPhone or iPad.
£10/month, with one month free trial. Cancel at any anytime.
Post when you want & what you want.
Get paid in full for your services with no hidden costs.

To learn more on how to setup your Business Profile, please go to the link below:

Business Profiles More Info

For more information or help with setting up your business profile, please email our support team.